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ErikRL: (7:32 pm) Ty when you go to pay theirs a " /-" you can af or delete spots

100 MPH fastball: (5:21 pm) What time are you breaking next?

Derek: (9:32 pm) 5 minutes or message me Ty.. sometime I'll run an update on that.

TyGolomski: (7:51 pm) Swoops. Accidentally claimed two spots. Lol any way to unclaim or do I just wait 5 minutes?

michaelk300: (1:09 pm) Any new stuff posting today Derek?

jstupsky: (9:44 pm) Anyone see who the 1st RPA in the Black?

tonles8402: (7:04 pm) Thanks Derek!

Derek: (10:27 pm) Should be there now tonles

tonles8402: (7:56 pm) Hey Derek, I’m not seeing my Terence Davis auto from break 2457 in my cards.

dc1085: (7:21 pm) Panthers For Trade

Combat12b: (12:54 pm) nevermind i see now

Combat12b: (12:37 pm) Derek do you have me down for the topps chrome case i wasnt sure if it went through or not i got one spot

SctBlvn: (6:36 pm) Derek check pm

Derek: (5:08 pm) 2019 Certified Football 12 Box Case break - Pick your teams break posts at 5:15

IronMan: (8:57 pm) Hello

Derek: (11:24 am) Today (Thursday) I'm going to move some of the website breaks to Facebook to try to fill them. If you want a spot through the website, grab it!

Derek: (5:20 pm) The chat was bogging down the website, so I had to slow the code. Refresh to see updated chat.

Derek: (5:19 pm) The Unparalleled is full - it will break @ 6:15pm CST

IronMan: (4:29 pm) My chat dont look like it is working

IronMan: (4:29 pm) hello

IronMan: (4:28 pm) Is the Unparalleled full

sta11ion69: (8:31 pm) Looking to possibly trade Dodgers in bowmans best break

Mayersky3: (8:28 pm) Scott belvin, chiefs for bears?

Derek: (8:22 pm) That means Not For Trade. You can put them up for trade to field offers.

Deanpowers1182: (7:55 pm) Nft on the Mariners?

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25392019-20 Panini Prizm Draft Picks x 1BasketballRandom Teams21/29$10.50

25402019 Topps Update x 1BaseballRandom Teams15/30$6.00

25412019 Topps Gold Label x 3BaseballRandom Teams5/25$9.75

25422019 Panini Phoenix x 2FootballRandom Teams0/27$11.00

25432019 Panini Phoenix x 2FootballPick your Team