SC8 Break Room

Breaks 7pm - 10pm CT every night unless posted here. Random teams must fill by 9:30pm CT, PYT by 9:50pm CT to break that night. If they fill later than that, they'll break the following night.

Break Chat (all times CST)

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Boognish: (8:03 pm) Anybody want the lions or raiders?

Jackson16: (6:08 pm) Mr. Cline here you can hold my shipments until all the breaks I am in take place

ErikRL: (11:10 pm) To ship after optic break thanks

ErikRL: (11:10 pm) Paid shipping D

Jackson16: (9:49 pm) yes sir

Derek: (9:43 pm) If you're Mr. Cline, you did get the last 2 spots.

Derek: (9:43 pm) Sorry Jackson, just saw this. You can click on the break to see who has spots in each break.

natethompson_: (9:29 pm) Cowboys ft (encased)

Jackson16: (9:23 pm) I wanna make sure I got the last two spots in fb encased. can someone please help?

Jackson16: (9:22 pm) hello

Cas200852: (8:32 pm) Paid shipping

Cas200852: (9:45 am) What else u got tonight Derek?

kapow: (10:11 pm) Hello everyone. Letโ€™s get to break in!!

SctBlvn: (10:18 pm) Last Pyt is full


Ryancordova87: (7:36 pm) WTF MATE

tgilbert03: (6:20 pm) good luck at 7 guys

SctBlvn: (7:01 pm) Derek check PM when your free. Thanks

TDCALDWELL: (8:45 pm) Amazing how many times I get the same team per sport. In basketball itโ€™s OKC, and it happened again.

SctBlvn: (10:44 pm) ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Derek: (8:30 pm) I couldn't hold up the new release...

SctBlvn: (7:40 pm) Now that you post all these other breaks Majestic is never gonna fill..

Dewman3535: (8:55 pm) How much for colts Matt?

Simpson0228: (7:15 pm) Anyone want the colts in the case break?

oldmatt: (6:35 pm) Anyone want the Colts or Texans?

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28532019-20 Donruss Optic x 1BasketballRandom Teams17/30$16.00