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Shipping Policy

We run multiple daily breaks ranging from single boxes to full cases. So that you're not paying a shipping fee with every break spot and every break, we don't include the shipping costs in the break price.

Free shipping is certainly attainable. Every break spot you purchase earns you break reward points. Once you accumulate enough, you can use these points to ship your cards. If you don't have enough points, but you're ready to ship, you can purchase shipping directly with Paypal as well.

You can purchase shipping when you pay for your break spots. You'll only need to pay once per shipment and can ship at anytime. You can also purchase shipping or use your reward points to ship under Shipping Options in your profile.

Pricing only includes top-loaded cards that have been uploaded to the website. Base cards will be shipped, but don't affect shipping costs
- 20 cards or less: $4 OR 40 reward points
- 30 cards or less: $4.50 OR 45 reward points
- 40 cards or less: $5 OR 50 reward points
- 200 cards or less: $9 OR 90 reward points
- More than 200 cards: $15 OR 150 reward points

Break Results

Soon after each break, the better cards are scanned and uploaded to the website. You can trade or sell these cards directly on! You can also select which cards you would like to ship, and which cards you would like to keep in the market.

Once the cards are uploaded, you can view the break results by clicking on the break in the Break Archives. Cards that get uploaded are chosen by the breaker according to perceived card value, break price, scarcity and other factors. Hits and numbered cards are always uploaded. Other cards may be uploaded as well.

You can view all of the cards you own in your profile under the My Cards tab. From here, you can move cards to the market to try to sell or trade if you wish. Any cards in the market will not ship when you request shipping. To ship break cards, you don't have to do anything - they are marked Ready to Ship by default. If you move a card to the market though, you'll have to mark it as Ready to Ship to have the card shipped.

Break Rewards

With each break you participate in, you will earn break reward points according to the price of the break spot. These reward points can be used to ship your cards for free. They can also be used to purchase SC8 Packs that feature 4 random cards from our inventory that are yours to keep.

When you are signed in, your break reward points appear at the top of the page under your name. Reward points are passed out once the break is live or completed. If you transfer your spot to another user, the points will be given to the other user.

SC8 Break Rules

  • Lesser cards with multiple players on them will go to the team featured on the left, top or front of the card.

  • More significant cards with multiple players will be randomized to the teams featured on the card/item.

  • The breaker will determine which cards with multiple players are randomized. All hits are randomized. Low numbered cards will also be randomized depending on the product.

  • Panini Points will be randomized to the entire list of break entrants.

  • Cards or items with no affiliation to any of the teams in the break will be randomized.

  • All randomizations will be done through using 2 dice showing at least 4 or more combined.

  • Retired players with no team specificed will go to the team in which the player played the most games with. If there is a tie, we will use games started. If it's still tied, it will go to the team the player most recently played for among the tied teams.

  • Active players with no team listed will go to the team the player is currently with.

  • If teams change hands, it is your responsibility to make sure the team list is correct. Both the break video and break page on the website will have a current team list.

  • Shipping costs are not included with the breaks. This way you can buy into as many breaks you want and combine the shipping costs. You only need to pay for shipping once per shipment.

  • When purchasing a break spot, you are paying for the entertainment of the break. Nothing is guaranteed to come out of a given box. If anything from your team is pulled though, all of those cards / items are yours!

  • We don't pack the boxes. The products list their chase cards as 'on average'. If a product is missing a hit or hits, there will be no refunds.