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Simpson0228: (6:35 pm) Anyone want the Colts or Texans?

TDCALDWELL: (5:37 pm) good luck everyone!!! Wish i was in this break.

TDCALDWELL: (9:04 pm) Thanks Derek, i watched the two breaks i was in. Wish i hadn't.

Derek: (8:28 pm) I send streams to twitch and as well. The links to all of those mentioned can be found in Break Resources at the top of the page.

Derek: (8:27 pm) From there, I share it in the FB groups: Sports Cards Infinity and SC8 Breaks.

Derek: (8:27 pm) Football just finished. Youtube has been having some problems lately. I run them live on Facebook on the FB page: SC8 - Sports Cards Infinity.

TDCALDWELL: (8:17 pm) are these breaks live somewhere?

rb151: (4:52 pm) Not bad teams hoping for something good

Derek: (4:48 pm) Falcons was a previous break trade offer.

rb151: (9:26 pm) What break is the falcons for

rb151: (8:31 pm) Derek u get my payment

rb151: (8:30 pm) Falcons on what break

Garms76: (8:47 pm) Anyone want falcons

Adchay79: (9:51 pm) Anyone want my Vikings?

Derek: (7:09 pm) I need to add an option to remove a PYT team. PM me if it didn't work itself out, after 8 minutes, the entire cart disappears.

jhillyer: (11:06 am) I claimed to many in pyt and can't figure out how to back out

speeder80: (8:12 pm) Saings

Derek: (10:44 pm) Break archives. I'm not 100% sure if that one is working right now. I believe I sent you a PM on FB too.

Derek: (10:44 pm) On Youtube, Twitch, The links are under Break Resources. You can also watch in either Facebook group. There's also a link in

Blairb2smooth: (10:00 pm) I can't find the triple threads break it viewable anywhere? New guy, sorry if dumb question

Cas200852: (7:14 pm) Let's break something, besides my hopes and dreams

Tbain24: (10:54 pm) just watched thank you sir

Tbain24: (8:29 pm) Sounds good

Derek: (6:31 pm) Tbain - they're randomized

Tbain24: (3:15 pm) Who gets no team spot?

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27032019 Bowmans Best x 2BaseballRandom Teams6/26$13.50

27082019 Panini Playbook x 8FootballRandom Teams13/30$41.00