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Derek: (10:44 pm) Break archives. I'm not 100% sure if that one is working right now. I believe I sent you a PM on FB too.

Derek: (10:44 pm) On Youtube, Twitch, The links are under Break Resources. You can also watch in either Facebook group. There's also a link in

Blairb2smooth: (10:00 pm) I can't find the triple threads break it viewable anywhere? New guy, sorry if dumb question

Cas200852: (7:14 pm) Let's break something, besides my hopes and dreams

Tbain24: (10:54 pm) just watched thank you sir

Tbain24: (8:29 pm) Sounds good

Derek: (6:31 pm) Tbain - they're randomized

Tbain24: (3:15 pm) Who gets no team spot?

SC8: (2:53 am) Warning: the draft setup is a bit ugly... I had to focus most of my time on the logic side and not the design side for now.

SC8: (2:53 am) Once filled, you'll be able to draft your teams through the website.

SC8: (2:52 am) There's a lot of complicated code, but I've tested it quite a bit. We could find bugs, but I feel pretty good about it.

SC8: (2:52 am) We're doing a test run on a single box of prizm.

SC8: (2:52 am) So the first Pick Your Spot Team Draft is officially open.

Agabaldon74: (7:31 pm) Sc8 packs open immediately after you purchase them. You will be able to see right away what you got.

Pgentry01: (7:24 pm) My b sent twice

Pgentry01: (7:23 pm) When are sc8 packs available to break

Pgentry01: (7:23 pm) When are sc8 available to break If i geta few

ErikRL: (7:32 pm) Ty when you go to pay theirs a " /-" you can af or delete spots

100 MPH fastball: (5:21 pm) What time are you breaking next?

Derek: (9:32 pm) 5 minutes or message me Ty.. sometime I'll run an update on that.

TyGolomski: (7:51 pm) Swoops. Accidentally claimed two spots. Lol any way to unclaim or do I just wait 5 minutes?

michaelk300: (1:09 pm) Any new stuff posting today Derek?

jstupsky: (9:44 pm) Anyone see who the 1st RPA in the Black?

tonles8402: (7:04 pm) Thanks Derek!

Derek: (10:27 pm) Should be there now tonles

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Open Breaks
Break #ProductsSportTypeClaimedPriceClaim
25762019 Fantasy Sports Baseball x 1BaseballRandom Teams11/30$8.25

25852019 Panini Immaculate x 1
2019 Panini Phoenix x 1
2019 Leaf Autographed Jersey Edition x 1
FootballRandom Teams18/32$21.50

25862019-20 Panini NBA Hoops x 1BasketballRandom Teams4/30$5.00