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Getting Started

Welcome to Sports Cards Infinity. This website is used as a marketplace and is also home to SC8 Box Breaks hosted by Derek Miller. We have a plethora of information available to both our customers and our new visitors. If you're new to our site or new to box breaks, this is a guide for you!

What is a Box Break?

A box break is a way to open a new product at a cheaper rate for everyone involved. Some new products cost over a thousand a box, and cases can cost an entire months pay or more. These products can produce amazing cards, but the average collector would go broke trying to chase down big hits.

In a box break, the box is divided into spots. The spots could feature teams, serial numbers, players or more. The most common way to break a box is by team. The break might be random teams or pick your teams. In a random team break, every spot cost the same, and each spot will get you a team (or multiple teams depending on how the break is designed). In a pick your team break, the teams will usually vary in price. The teams with the most chances at hitting and teams with better players in the product will be priced higher than weaker teams.

Once the break is ready (all spots are sold), the box is opened in front of the group. This can be done in person, or in our case, it is done on live video. Every box that was designated in the break is opened, and the cards are shown to the group. Any cards that feature your team or player or number (depending on the break type) belong to you!

How do I join?

To view our box breaks, you'll need to join our Facebook group: Sports Cards Infinity. This is where our breaks are shown on live video. There are admins, including myself, that will be happy to assist you with any questions. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to figure things out. When you see an open break pop up on the website, select your team or number of spots, and then pay accordingly. Once you're in, your job is done. Whether or not you watch the break on live video, you will still get all of your cards.

When do I receive my cards?

You can select to pay shipping when you buy into a break, or you can wait to combine shipping for multiple breaks. Until you're ready to ship, your cards will be stored safely in covered boxes with a slot that has your name on it. We ship cards out every weekday, so whenever you request to ship, we'll get it out very quickly.

What's the catch?

We're all about transparancy at Sports Cards Infinity. Each break will earn you points that you can accumulate and use in our rewards store, but there will be some breaks in which you don't hit any cards. This is referred to as a 'skunk'. Skunks are part of the risk included. Box breaking is entertainment. There are chances to hit some amazing cards, but at the same time, boxes don't guarantee anything and won't always contain cards from every team.

There are also a lot of breakers out there. There are some good ones, and as with anything, there are some bad ones. In the past, people have hid cards on camera and stolen from their customers. Some breakers won't ship cards securely, and they might arrived damaged. Some breakers don't handle the cards well when they come out of the box.

At Sports Cards Infinity, we pride ourselves on being careful with the cards, shipping securely, and we are 100% transparant. With 3 camera angles on the boxes at all times, you will never have to question our integrity. Check out a video to see for yourself!

After more than 1,500 breaks with hundreds of happy customers, we would love for you to give us a chance and join in the fun of box breaks