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2020 Panini Mosaic Football Hobby Box

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Brett Favre Cards
Card SetCard #Print Run
2018 Spectra HOF Signatures - Auto 2049
Autographs No Huddle - Auto 48
Autographs No Huddle Black - Auto 481
Autographs No Huddle Gold - Auto 4810
Base Mosaic81
Base Mosaic Black811
Base Mosaic Blue8199
Base Mosaic Blue Fluorescent8115
Base Mosaic Camo Pink81
Base Mosaic Choice Black Gold818
Base Mosaic Choice Fusion Red8180
Base Mosaic Choice Nebula811
Base Mosaic Choice Peacock81
Base Mosaic Genesis81
Base Mosaic Gold8110
Base Mosaic Gold Fluorescent8120
Base Mosaic Gold Wave8117
Base Mosaic Green81
Base Mosaic No Huddle Black811
Base Mosaic No Huddle Blue8175
Base Mosaic No Huddle Gold8110
Base Mosaic No Huddle Pink8120
Base Mosaic No Huddle Purple8150
Base Mosaic No Huddle Silver81
Base Mosaic Orange Fluorescent8125
Base Mosaic Pink Fluorescent8110
Base Mosaic Purple8149
Base Mosaic Reactive Blue81
Base Mosaic Reactive Gold81
Base Mosaic Reactive Green81
Base Mosaic Reactive Orange81
Base Mosaic Red81
Base Mosaic White8125
Base Silver81
Base White Sparkle81
Center Stage14
In It to Win It13
Old School15
Old School Mosaic15
Old School Mosaic Blue Fluorescent1515
Old School Mosaic Gold Fluorescent1520
Old School Mosaic Green15
Old School Mosaic Orange Fluorescent1525
Old School Mosaic Pink Fluorescent1510
Old School Mosaic Reactive Blue1599
Old School Mosaic Reactive Green1589
Stare Masters18
Stare Masters Mosaic18
Stare Masters Mosaic Black181
Stare Masters Mosaic Gold1810
Stare Masters Mosaic White1825
Stare Masters No Huddle Silver18
Touchdown Masters11
Touchdown Masters Mosaic11
Touchdown Masters Mosaic Blue Fluorescent1115
Touchdown Masters Mosaic Gold Fluorescent1120
Touchdown Masters Mosaic Green11
Touchdown Masters Mosaic Orange Fluorescent1125
Touchdown Masters Mosaic Pink Fluorescent1110
Touchdown Masters Mosaic Reactive Blue1199
Touchdown Masters Mosaic Reactive Green1189
Will to Win12
Will to Win Mosaic12
Will to Win Mosaic Blue Fluorescent1215
Will to Win Mosaic Gold Fluorescent1220
Will to Win Mosaic Green12
Will to Win Mosaic Orange Fluorescent1225
Will to Win Mosaic Pink Fluorescent1210
Will to Win Mosaic Reactive Blue1299
Will to Win Mosaic Reactive Green1289