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SC8 Christmas 2021!

Our annual Christmas promotions are one of the most anticipated events of the year. This year, we're set to bring you more than 100 gifts!

Beginning on November 24th, each break will feature 8 ways to win! Prizes range from a Patrick Mahomes autographed card to single unopened packs with a little bit of everything in between! All you have to do for a chance at winning is participate in a break. We'll do the rest!

8 ways to win!

  1. GRAND PRIZE DRAWING - All break entrants from 11/24 to 12/23 will be entered into a random drawing for 8 prizes : 2017 Panini Instant Patrick Mahomes autographed card, Justin Herbert autographed mini football helmet, $250 break credit, 4 boxes of 2021 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball, and a sealed Leaf Autographed Football Mini Helmet.

  2. BREAK PRESENTS - We will have about 100 presents wrapped under the SC8 Christmas Tree. Each present will be numbered. One winner per break will win a random present from the list. The presents will range from unopened boxes and sets to individual sealed packs. We will determine the winner the same way we determined under-the-tree presents in the past. The last card of the break determines the present. The team UNDER the team on the last card wins the present. If it's the bottom team on the list (example Washington Nationals), the top team wins (Arizona Diamondbacks). We'll use the scrolling list on the left side of the break.

  3. 1/1 JACKPOT - if you pull a 1/1 in a break (this excludes plates and patches and LEAF products), you will receive 250 SC8 points.

  4. 8 IS FOR INFINITY - if the serial number (number to the left of the slash) ends in 8 (ex: 8, 68, 108), the card owner wins 50 SC8 points.

  5. 25 IS FOR CHRISTMAS - if the serial number (number to the left of the slash) is 25, the card owner wins 50 SC8 points.

  6. CALENDER PRIZE - if you hit a card numbered 12/25, you win 250 SC8 points.

  7. PANINI POINTS MATCH - Whoever pulls panini points wins twice! You receive the Panini Points, and I will match that amount in SC8 points.

  8. SECRET SANTA - If you pull a NON-BASE card of Patrick Mahomes, Salvador Perez or Devonte Graham, you win 50 SC8 points.

Some of the prizes are pictured, and all of them are listed below on this page.

We appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for being part of our community. Merry Christmas to you and your families!